Wrongful Termination

Landing a job in a time of need is an extremely rewarding feeling, especially when you have worked very hard to secure the job. You may feel confident with a steady income with the belief that you are performing your job in accordance with what your employer expects of you. Despite such feelings of confidence and success, you may find yourself in a situation where you have been wrongfully terminated for any one of a number of unlawful reasons.

It may come as a complete shock that you would be terminated given your favorable track record. No matter what the reason may be for your termination, you will need an attorney to investigate your situation and determine how your employer has violated California employment laws. At the Law Offices of Terry K. Davis, we have tried numerous cases to a jury, and know what to expect and how to best pursue your claims. With a thorough understanding of California employment law, our attorneys can quickly determine if you have a potential claim against your employer.


Under California law, it is unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee because of, among others, the employee’s disability, use of family or medical leave time, age, pregnancy, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. The FEHA is aimed to protect individuals from being wrongfully terminated for factors that are often beyond their control. Most factors are not choices, and even if one particular factor may arguably be a choice, employers still cannot terminate one’s employment for reasons that are merely an employer’s dislike of the employee’s status as an individual.


Further, an employer cannot terminate an employee if the employee is considered a whistleblower, disclosing the employer’s illegal and/or unethical conduct, or at least opposing such conduct. Additionally, an employer cannot retaliate and terminate an employee if that employee was trying to defend another’s rights against workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and other wrongdoing that occurs in the workplace. Termination for any of the above-mentioned reasons is a violation of California’s public policy, and such conduct may even implicate federal law if an employee’s constitutional rights have been violated.


It is unfortunate that so many residents have been wrongfully terminated. Losing a job through no fault of your own can certainly put you and your family in a stressful situation. When you have been wrongfully terminated, you have a right to fight back. Many people believe they have no power when it comes to wrongful termination. While it may be difficult for an employee to fight the matter alone, having a skilled Wrongful Termination Attorney handle the matter on your behalf can provide you with the strength and support you need. Our Law Firm has helped our clients hold employers responsible for their wrongdoing. You will need a strong trial advocate to investigate the situation and determine what employment laws your employer has violated.

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