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Can my boss deduct wages from my Paycheck?

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Something you may have heard is that as an employee, your boss has the right to deduct from your wages. What you didn’t know is that there are only few reasons why they can legally make a deduction of wages from your paycheck. 

At what point can my boss deduct from my paycheck wages?

  • When obliged or engaged to do so by state or government law
  • When derivation is explicitly approved in composing by the representative to cover protection premiums, profit plan commitments or different reasoning not adding up to a refund on the worker’s wages.
  • When a derivation to cover well-being, welfare, or annuity commitments is explicitly approved by a compensation collective bargaining agreement.


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Employee Rights

There are normal payroll conclusions frequently made by managers that are unlawful:

  1. Labor Code 351 | Gratuities. A manager can’t gather, take, or get any tip or part thereof given or left for a worker, or deduct any sum from wages because of a representative by virtue of a tip given or left for a worker. Remember that a restaurant may have an arrangement taking into account tip pooling/imparting among workers who give direct table service to consumers.
  2. Labor Code 401 | Photographs. On the off chance that an executive wishes to have or obliges a photo of a representative or candidate, the employer must pay the aggregate expense of the photo.
  3. Labor Code 401 | Bonds. On the off chance that a boss wishes to have or obliges a bond for a representative or candidate, the employer must pay the aggregate expense of the Bond.
  4. Labor Code 2802 | Uniforms. On the off chance that the boss obliges that a representative wear an uniform, the employer must pay the aggregate expense of the uniform. Remember that the term uniform incorporates wearing attire and extras of different outlines and shades as per company requirements, see Industrial Welfare Commission Orders, Section 9.
  5. Labor Code 2802 | Business Expenses. Say you bring about costs or misfortunes in the immediate result of the release of your work obligations, you are qualified to be remunerated and it is the businesses obligation to repay you for those financial privileges.
  6.  Labor Code 222.5Medical or Physical Examinations.  An employer may not withhold or deduct from the wages of any worker or require any prospective representative or candidate for job to pay for any pre-employment restorative or physical examination taken as a state of livelihood, nor might there be a withholding or deduction from the wages of any worker, or require any worker to pay for any medicinal or physical examination needed by any government or state law or regulation, or neighborhood law.


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