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Employee RightsWhen it comes to employment lawyers, the Law Offices of Terry K. Davis is prepared to battle for your California wrongful termination, age discrimination, sexual harassment and your employment rights. In the event that you have fallen victim to workplace discrimination, you should contact the proper employment lawyers | California business law lawyers at the Law Offices of Terry Davis may examine your case and fight for your rights. We may have the capacity to recuperate financial remuneration for you, for example, loss of wages, reformatory harms, torment and enduring, and loss of profits and wages.




We exceedingly regard the absolute best outcomes for our clients. In view of our unique, aggressive, respectable and professional approaches and tactics, we take pride in our reputation throughout California. Terry Davis has been instrumental in the battle for representative employee rights for over 21 years. In 2001, he tried a heavy case against the State of California Department of Veterans Affairs bringing about a judgment over $555,000, basically obliging workplaces to give a harassment free working environment when actually the harassment stems from persons outside of the work environment. As a consequence of the judgment and decision, Governor Davis ordered into law Assembly Bill 76, changing the law in California; subsequently, commanding California businesses to give a work environment free of provocation actually when the harasser is not utilized by the organization or company.



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