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Civil Rights

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The Law Offices of Terry K. Davis advocates for plaintiffs in Southern California – including Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County – and throughout all of Southern California. Lead by the prestigious trial counselor Terry K. Davis, our law firm has over 21 years of active practice in business and

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Discrimination, it’s happening right now.

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Racial Discrimination at the Workplace Racial or ethnic discrimination in the work workplace can back its monstrous head in an assortment of structures, some of which can be clear or self-evident. Anyway, racial discrimination can regularly be unobtrusive and more difficult to catch, for example, an executive’s disappointment to contract or advance a single person

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Can my boss deduct wages from my Paycheck?

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Something you may have heard is that as an employee, your boss has the right to deduct from your wages. What you didn’t know is that there are only few reasons why they can legally make a deduction of wages from your paycheck.  At what point can my boss deduct from my paycheck wages? When obliged or

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